Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lay it out there.

After reading this, I am glad the parents stood up to the administration's decision and had it overturned.  Since when did people become that sensitive to the point where administrators think it necessary to reword lyrics to a song?  I am led to believe that this country was founded by people who had a strong religious faith and although people do have a right to their freedom of religion, I just don't think taking a word out of a song to make it P.C is okay.  I'm not okay with that.  It's unbelievable to me the extent that people are going to now just to be politically correct.  Good grief, I have just had enough of this. 

And of course Lee Greenwood had to respond, just as I thought he would, and rightfully so.  There is a reason that song was called "God Bless the USA" and not "We Love the USA."  I am all for people having a right to their own religions, beliefs, etc but this is starting to get a little old.  Why should anyone who wanted to sing that song as it was written have to be punished just in case someone "got offended?"  Whatever the reason or excuse the administration had for their initial decision, I am glad they retracted it. 

When I was in tenth grade, we sang "God Bless the USA" in my public school chorus class - there is no song more patriotic, more powerful and full of emotion than that song.  Please don't take that away from us just because someone might be offended.  When we sang this song in chorus, there was not even a thought of questioning whether or not someone would get offended by it.  Who in their right mind would be offended by this song?!?!  I'm not being closed-minded; and if I am, then I am saying those who do get offended should be more open-minded to Christianity in that case.

While I am on a roll here, let's discuss the Trayvon Martin killing.  For awhile now, I haven’t spoken about this incident because I don’t know what I think.  I have only heard bits and pieces of the news and through others talking about it.  I will say that my first thought was, “What if the tables were turned and Zimmerman died?”  I just wonder what people would be saying, if anything, and how the media would portray the situation. 

Yes, George Zimmerman killed Martin.  Yes, George Zimmerman mumbled "f****** punks" on the recorded 911 call and (I feel that it) wasn't directed towards anyone other than "criminals" in general.  Yes, NBC (future credibility = toilet) screwed up in making it sound like George Zimmerman was profiling Martin based on his race when the actual, unedited phone call demonstrated that he was unable to identify his race until Martin turned around and started coming towards him.  Yes, we have confirmed that Trayvon was on a cell phone with his girlfriend telling her that he felt like he was being followed.  (Yes, I would've personally called 911 if I were being followed by someone rather than confronting them myself.)  Yes, this is sad, tragic, even, and I am truly sorry that he died and that his family has to relive this incident over and over again because the media has turned it into a racial nightmare.  Let’s be honest here, the media can beat a dead horse until there is nothing left.

Let me preface the next portion of this with something I found online.  Apparently Florida has a statute that is known as the "Stand your ground" law.  I have located the official statute online at and a more summarized version from stating "Under Florida law, there is no "duty to retreat" if you are attacked in any place you have a lawful right to be. Instead, you may stand your ground and meet force with force, including deadly force, if you reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm to yourself or others." 
So this is where we are.  According to this law and what we have been told thus far, George Zimmerman felt he was in danger.  Martin had his hand in his waistband according to what he said on the 911 call and started to come at Zimmerman.  Ultimately, Zimmerman defended himself.  Now, there is absolutely no telling what other evidence hasn't been presented for the media to butcher, but it seems to me that Zimmerman was cooperative with police, and was then released.  I am leaving my faith in the law enforcement in FL with the thought that they would've detained him further should there have been need to.  There is no telling what may/may not come out in regards to this case, but I think we have to trust the system.  Who cares if Zimmerman knew or was related to someone in the judicial system - he still shot someone.  There is no denying that; and Zimmerman hasn't denied that.  I seriously feel sorry for him because I seriously doubt he had any intentions of doing the neighborhood watch 'patrol' - why, with a weapon, I don't know, but something caused him to feel as though he may need one on his person - and then killing someone, or even using his weapon.  Has anyone stopped to think about how Zimmerman feels about what he did?  I mean, dang, he killed someone.  He took a teenaged boy’s life.  Race aside, I can imagine just knowing that alone would be a lot for one to deal with.  Following that, Martin's death absolutely was not pre-meditated, any sort of planned, thought out, or whatever you want to call it as far as I am concerned.  The evidence that the media has presented us with leads me to believe it was self defense.  I don’t know what else to say about this…I can only sit back so long and listen to what others are saying before I have to add my two cents; so this is what I am doing.  Take it or leave it.