Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It has been awhile...

Being the grammar nerd that I am, I almost typed “It’s been awhile” because that’s the way I would say it, but I quickly remembered that It’s is a conjunction for It is not It has, and then I changed it.
I apologize; I know it has been awhile.  I have had a few things going on and I am still not totally sure I want to blog about them, because they are a little too personal for a public blog, but I will say that we got good news at work – our dispatch center will be staying open.  THANK YOU COMMISSIONERS!  Woohoo!  And a special shout out to our Chief for the awesome fight he put up for us.  On a different note, my schedule has been thrown for a curve ball – I have been placed on night shift and on the opposite rotation, so I’ve been trying to get all my days figured out and this, that, and the other.  Finally getting settled in even though there will be some changes heading my way. 
I suppose February should be a pretty fun month – my fiancé’s birthday is at the end of the month, we are going out of town for that, and lest we forget, Valentine’s Day is near.  Due to the fact that P and I are planning our wedding, I am really not expecting much this year.  We have enough on our plates and planning this wedding has almost deterred me from ever wanting to plan a big event…ever again.  I don’t think anyone could ever really prepare you for what your wedding planning will entail.  I think the hardest part for P and I is making all of these decisions – and fast.  We have difficulty deciding where to eat on a date night, much less which color napkins we should use on the most important day of our lives.  I now know why everyone says “I wish we had done something smaller – or eloped.”  It is stressful, demanding, time consuming, and all the while FUN!  It is, after all, a once in a lifetime experience.  I think I am most excited to attend the cake tasting.  I guess the next thing on my list of to-dos is to order invitations.  Like I said, we are kind of at a standstill right now, just waiting on time.  I know what I want, pretty much everything has been decided, and I just need for time to pass so I can put our vision to work.  I am ALSO extremely excited for our honeymoon.  I seriously think we are going to need this vacation so badly, I just hope it doesn’t fly by.   We will be taking an 11-night cruise to the Southern Caribbean and I am ecstatic because I have never been to any of the places we are traveling to and who better to see them with than my husband!!! =)
I have also started working a part time job at a local doggy daycare.  Mind you, this was decided before the unexpected shift switch.  I am not sure how well it will work out now that I am working nights, but only time will tell.  The owners seem very nice and have been super flexible with my schedule thus far, so we’ll see how it pans out.  I’ve found myself saying the phrase “only time will tell” so much lately, because I have begun to question so much about the future and, honestly, only time will tell.  I wish I had the answers but I don’t.  I know that in life we will have struggles and fun times and misfortunes and good luck along with the bad, but life would be so much easier if we knew the answers.  Then again, would it be worth living at all if that were the case?  The element of surprise is what keeps our motors ticking and inevitably keeps us guessing as to what’s in store for us. 
Oh, and one day I will post some pictures on here to put some extra fizz into my blog. ;)  Tootles!

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