Tuesday, January 24, 2012


For those of you who do not know, I work as a police dispatcher.  Oftentimes, I find myself looking up things online to fill time when nothing is going on.  My doctor recently diagnosed me with Acid Reflux disease.  While this is very common for people to have, I found it odd because I have never even had a bout of heartburn until it started bothering me so badly to where I needed to see my doctor.  I went through a 90-day prescription of pills – which, by the way, did nothing – and then went through some tests.  I am perfectly fine.  My doctor informed me that it may not be my forever-loving pasta addiction that has brought this on.  She told me that stress can sometimes be a factor that will cause ARD.  After undergoing some blood work and an ultrasound, I think we have decided that stress is my main causing factor.

Coincidentally, CNN had multiple articles on their website today regarding ARD. They had a list of foods to eat that actually FIGHT ARD and also had some suggestions for ARD sufferers.  Some of those included losing weight, eating oatmeal, eating wheat pasta without red sauce (not gonna happen!), adding ginger to your diet, sleeping with your head up (not gonna happen, either!), and to not wear tight clothing.

The other thing they suggested to ARD sufferers is to cut certain foods out of their diets.  The list includes spicy foods, fatty red meat, French fries (and other fried foods), citrus fruit, raw onion, tomatoes, chocolate, caffeine, butter, oil, and peppermint.  Whoa, talk about killing the fun out of food.  I always thought that peppermint was good for an upset stomach.  I guess if your stomach is hurting bad enough, you’ll withstand the heartburn if you think a peppermint is your only option.

Enough about ARD.  I am excited for my oldest younger sister, as she is turning 17 this Friday.  Gosh I feel old.  I remember the day she was born and the horrendous pink sweatshirt and sweatpants I was wearing when I went to meet her in the hospital for the first time.  Her turning 17 reminds me of when I was 17 and how different of a place I was in back then – for the better, that is.  I wish her a lot of luck and success in her upcoming years and I wish she lived a lot closer so that I could help her make a lot of those important decisions she will have to make in the near future.

I suppose I have rambled enough for this entry, until next time, Tootles!

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