Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello World!

So I did it.  I created a blog.  I have toyed with the idea for quite some time inside my mind contemplating what in the world to blog about and who in the world would even read it.  I finally decided that only time would tell.  And here I am.  For anyone who doesn’t know me, I can go ahead and clue you into the fact that I will more than likely have nothing AMAZING to blog about, it’s just me writing because I want to.  I began writing when I was very young and I enjoyed it.  It seemed exquisite to me that I could say whatever I wanted to in written form and no one could stop me, and if someone read it, by God, they had to listen to what I had to say – what an outlet!  I used to believe that I may one day have a career in writing somehow, as I have been published a few times.  Although the sense of accomplishment made me feel that I was going to be someone, the realization that I was only young and the possibility that my writing “capabilities” were just a phase put a damper on my hopes.  Then I stopped writing for awhile because my writing time became absorbed with papers and reading assignments and all of the decisions a college student has to make.  I changed my major three times (Elementary Education, then English - Secondary Education - then Political Science) and I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I guess the most important thing I gained from my college experience was finding out what I didn’t want to do.  I’m 24 years old now and it seems like a distant memory that I was in college, scurrying across the campuses of CCU and Winthrop, trying to figure out why I was taking some of what I called “redundant” classes.  Besides the fact that they were “required” classes in order to graduate, I always assumed there must’ve been a deeper meaning and that leaders of the Campus wouldn't put us through such torture, otherwise.  I fully believe in the idea of a “liberal arts education.”  I get it.  Because if nothing else, I got exposure to many different things and it actually brought me to the path of becoming a Political Science major.  I could honestly care less about politics, itself, but I will engage in a healthy conversation about it.  At any rate, here I am again, throwing myself into the world of writing.  This time, however, with a much different audience.  So I am rolling the dice so-to-speak on this blog idea and we’ll see where it goes.  Happy reading, y’all!

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