Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Just Me.

(I will probably add more to this as time goes on!)  So I promised somewhat of an introduction about myself.  My name is Katie.  I chose the username for my blog based on the fact that over the years I have met so many people who, for some unknown reason, always have to add some other name to the end of my name.  I have been called ‘Katie-did’ ‘Katie-Belle’ ‘Katie-Mae’ ‘Katie-Lou’ and so forth.  So here we go - I:
  • Am 24 years old
  • Planning my wedding (11-3-12!!!!)
  • Work as a Police dispatcher
  • Born and raised in South Carolina
  • Love animals
  • Have a dog
  • Love the color blue
  • Am moderate on most issues
  • A person that wears my heart on my sleeve
  • A person that loves to write
  • love to help others
  • am marrying a police officer
  • love to travel

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